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Something that does not exist!

Dord - Something that does not exist! - Dord at dord.e143.net - Check out this web page for the best definition of the word Dord!

Money Making Entrepreneur

Worldwide Ways To Make Money ~ How To Start A Business!

Define your life and become the person that you want to be as a Money Making Entrepreneur. Learn the simple tips, tricks and advice that helped me change and mold my life into what I am today. Just believe and you can become a Money Making Entrepreneur!

The Peace Symbol Story!

Nuclear Disarmament and The Peace Symbol Story!

The story of the Peace Symbol's creation and its relationship to Nuclear Disarmament, Ultimate Disciples and the Peace that passes all understanding.

Scrambled Egg

Short Stories and Make Believe Whims! By Doff Allan Tayt

This is a collection of short stories and whimsical fiction in the life of Doff Allan Tayt, himself a fictional character living in Cyber Space!


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